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Doozy Project info

Doozy delivery corporation hails from Vancouver, Canada they were in need of creating a delivery network like doordash, TATOS took the challenge The online business began with website making. The company website was well developed over time by our web developers following the aesthetic of the client. they wanted a platform to sell groceries. and we were able to design a well accessible, easy to navigate a website for them. we specifically put a lot of effort into the navigation part to make it easy for the users to interact with the website. it turned out successful.

Why Choose TATOS for Delivery service Marketing ?

TATOS Digital marketing team optimized the website. The competition was a little high as there were well-established sites in the country already. but we were able to find a community that interacted with our company well and scaled the reach out to them. A good number of conversations were made from the community by proper advertising methords using the analytics audience funnels. The website was properly hosted with less hosting speed making it easily accessible for the marketed customers to access.

Steve Kalvari
Managing director
Doozy Delivery PVT LTD
We are very much happy with what TATOS has done to help bring our idea of Doozy to life, we would also suggest TATOS to anyone who needs to digitize their existing business or who has a startup idea.