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Project info

English wizards is an LMS (Learning management system) Designed for students who are preparing for English subject related competitive exams. The idea of English wizards was to make it a single platform where you can learn, take moc test, discuss stuff get notes, and know the latest news regarding English related competitive exams. TATOS helped them build out a complete platform that is now helping millions of students in their studies.

  • Web

  • Android

  • iOS

Technology Stack
  • Cloud Firestore

  • Flutter

  • React

Our role
  • Logic & Feasibility study

  • UX / UI Design

  • Software Development

  • Testing & Deployment

  • Operations & Maintanance

What is an LMS System?

Learning Management system (LMS) is a software application that helps in administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. LMS requirements vary from client to client therefor TATOS delivers bespoke LMS solutions and even integrates other platforms like moodle, according to the client's requirements.

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What makes English wizards different?

English wizards was a challenge for TATOS as it included all the features of an LMS system and many more like MCQ test, student attention, performance tracking, discussion forums, etc. Which were tailored specifically for their students this lead to their success.

Tech Used

Why choose TATOS for LMS systems?

TATOS has the best team to set up an LMS system for your school, your college, or your small yoga class. We use the most innovative tools like moodle, agora, etc for interactive video classes and other features, we use the drop box, aws etc for digital notes storage, etc. And we also innovate to give updates based on our client's requirements, which altogether makes tatos the best choice for setting up your LMS system.

project image
project image
"We were a group of Postgraduate students who had cleared the NTA UGC net and are currently lecturing or continuing doctoral studies. We had this dream of creating a platform like English Wizards which we discussed with team TATOS, non of us in our team knew anything about tech, TATOS gave us confidence and helped us to make this idea come to life. Without TATOS we cannot even imagine what would have happened."
Gokul Krishnan
English wizards Pvt Ltd/span>