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  • Web

  • iOS

  • Android

Technology Stack
  • Figma

  • Flutter

  • Cloud Firestore

Our role
  • UX/UI Design

  • ApplicationDevelopment

  • Operations & Maintanance

Doozy delivery app Project info

The mission of Doozy Delivery Company is to be people’s favorite platform across the globe, to purchase all their needed goods and get it delivered to their doors at the cheapest rate. Doozy will strive to promote local businesses and achieve greater standards of operations through integrity and honesty amongst the workforce.

Why choose TATOS ?

Doozy wanted iOS as well as Android Application for their delivery operations, TATOS have the best flutter developers who helped in solving the problem, TATOS was able to reduce the cost as we used flutter and firebase as the tech stack. TATOS also has a great experience when it comes to making E-commerce applications.