About us

About us

Accelerate your business with TATOS

TATOS is not a workplace, it's a place where we enjoy the work we do. This is why it doesn't come as a surprise when we say our team spends most of the waking hours at work.

We prioritize our customers and employees to stakeholders and investors. We make great efforts/we strive hard in order to maintain a healthy startup culture and embrace it. The growth of our employees and our clients alike gives us immense satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our goal is to leverage the power of cutting edge technologies like AI and further it into advancing most of the jobs and work processes. This will not only increase the productivity but will also reduce the work hours, thereby increasing the quality time of employees beyond their work. We aim to achieve this by either substituting or complementing AI into as many existing businesses as possible.

About us
About us

Our Mission

We aim to use the latest technologies and help our clients in digitizing their existing business. In addition to this we aim to help turn ideas into reality by giving life to our clients’ business ideas. We are equally enthusiastic about our clients’ ideas and help nurture the entrepreneurial mindset.

Fine Folks We’ve Worked With

Your Best Service Provider & Digital Partner for Your Business /



I love to be a part of TATOS I embrace their vision and more than that its actually a cool place.


One thing I like about TATOS is that, people here are passionate about what they do, they don't do anything for money they do stuff coz they think they can change the world.

Don K Jacob

TATOS has many bespoke solutions to all your problems which can be solved using technology, so I'm happy and confident to say that we can trust tatos with any big projects, they maintain integrity to their work and always deliver on time with the highest industrial standards.

Bibin Little

I love TATOS it's a place where I feel wanted, where I feel my views and ideologies are also accepted. I had the opportunity to grow my skills together with the growth of tatos, I can confidently say they value their employees over anything else.


Our Creative Team

Jason Hardeman

Software Wing

Android | iOS | Web developers | AI/Block chain

Amanda Bryan

Digital Marketing Wizards

SEO | SEM | Content Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Affiliate/Influencer Marketing

Henry Matthews

AI/Automation | Drone & Robotics Experts

Drone Development | Home automation | RPA | Robotics | Automation

Our Skills



  • Best team

  • Best collaboration

  • Would recommend



  • Android Apps

  • iOS Apps

  • Web Projects


Client Satisfaction

  • 24 X 7 Customer support

  • On time delivery

  • Long term relationship



  • Best work culture

  • Embraces talent

  • Best work environment



  • Solves problems

  • Digital transformation

  • Gives life to Ideas

Things we gave life to

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