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Skylight Solar Solutions is one of our clients from Trivandrum,Kerala whom we have been working with for the past 5 months. starting our opetarions to optimise their digital platforms we have built their website using React. The website was launched on the month of september 2020. We got in touch with them via an online meeting,where they were seeking for a digital help to host their business online.Our web developers were able to build the website with the best tools and efforts. the website was later hosted and was optimised by our digital marketing team.

Key features

Yearly website management:

As soon as we launched the website, we took up the task of website management. We assisted our client in adding more features and taking up other tasks like solving the errors that emerged on the way.

Content marketing:

Content marketing strategy is the core strategy in making your product a success. This is why an appropriate content management strategy helped our client turn thoughts into traffic. Our client made a number of conversions with our content marketing strategy.

Social media marketing:

We provided them with an appropriate social media marketing strategy for each platform. With our experience and expertise we were able to identify unique needs of each platform that suited the taste of the audience. We accordingly deployed our strategies on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. In fact, Skylight Solar was able to bag one of their top clients from Facebook.


We adopted the best SEO techniques and deployed them. Our team brought out the best ROS with the strategies we have followed over the past few years. With the right strategies we helped our client pull quality traffic which not only increased the awareness of their brand but also increased their sales.

Email marketing:

Our digital marketing team helped create the best campaigns for the client along with dropping in newsletters. With our specialization in various tactics like, creating a well tailored Campaign for the customers needs, methods to reduce the spam rates so that the conversions are maximized, A/B testing, Automated Emails, Customer Relation Management, etc we were able to help our clients.

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  • Tablet

  • Desktop

Technology Stack
  • React JS

  • Custom Made CMS

  • Google Firebase

Our role
  • UX/UI Design

  • Web Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content creation

Why choose TATOS for Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team was able to optimize the website by using the best Serch Engine Optimization methods. The company's Google My Business platform was a huge success as it made a lot of conversations through the platform. The website performance was well tracked with the Google Analytics tool.Any errors are performance downfall was handled well. We have also used search engine marketing tools like Google Ads to run ads for the business to increase the conversions. that toowas linked with the analytics tool to track its performance.

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User Story

Skylight Solar Solutions is one of our clients from Trivandrum, Kerala. We worked with them for more than a year. We got in touch with them when they were looking for a team that could help host their digital business online. Initially they used conventional means like reaching out to contractors on-site and distributing pamphlets. But as soon as the pandemic struck, they couldn't continue with the same means. It was then they contacted us.
With an aim to optimize their digital platforms, we built a website from scratch for them using React[Native]. The website was successfully launched in the month of September, 2020. Our expert team of web developers were able to build a website using the best available tools and techniques. The website was then hosted and optimized by our digital marketing team.
Our digital marketing team was able to successfully optimize the website using relevant SEO tools. We have expertise and experience over some of the best SEO tools and techniques, we take pride in. The company’s Google My Business platform was a huge success and made a lot of conversions through the platform.
The performance of the website was tracked with a highly effective Google Analytics tool. The occurrence of performance downfall errors was handled well. In order to increase the conversions we made use of search engine marketing tools like Google Ads for running ads related to the business. This was then linked with the analytics tool to track its performance.

Initially we worked on the website. After successfully launching the website, the clients felt content with our work. It was after the successful launching of the website that we went ahead with digital marketing strategies. With application of our expertise, we were able to generate an organic reach.

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Managing Director
Benivo Power solutions Pvt Ltd
I have started Skylight solar with zero online presence TATOS convinced me of the importance of a digital footprint and the way new-age customers get to know us. Thanks to TATOS Skylight solar is now the number one solar panel installation company in trivandrum.