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2021, September 09

Why your Offline business should have an Online presence.

One reason. 60% of the global population are netizens. And also the future generations will be heavily dependent on the internet. With eCommerce and logistics growing and improving at a noticeable rate, people would obviously choose the convenience of ordering at the comfort of their homes. So why would you want to miss out on the opportunities the internet has to offer when the added advantage of reduced operating costs along with the ability to reach a global market by working from home or anywhere!? All it takes is just a Smartphone or a Laptop with a good Internet connection (Which we assume you already have because you're reading this article!)


It's always the right choice to convert those netizens into royal customers rather than lose them. And of course. the best way to do that is to have a good digital presence! And no you don't have to hire a big marketing team and spend a lot of money to do that! you can start off by taking small steps. So let's get those Sales numbers up by following a few steps!


How can I have an Online presence for my business?

As a Beginner.

you can start off having a digital presence for your business by doing the basic things Such as creating a page for your business on the social media platform where your audience hangs out. It could be Instagram and Snapchat for a certain age group, Linkedin for business professionals looking to b2b services or Facebook for a little family-oriented audience who are settled. Just having a presence on the social media platform and posting your portfolios and works itself can generate a conversion by the people who spend their time on these social media.

  • Know where exactly your audience is likely to hangout
  • Find a suitable content that will attract that specific audience
  • line up the content Post with consistency
  • Keep a close eye on how people interact with your posts
  • design a strategy based on your observations for the people who interact
  • Gain momentum when your existing followers spread the word


Now that your business has a presence on social media and you want to reach out more, cuz those invite links to follow your page aren't working and you are not able to reach more of the audience you seek to serve, Running ad campaigns is the next step. each of the social media platforms have its own ways and tools of advertising to reach your potential customers. there are tonnes of tutorials on the internet to learn from and Having a little patience and a willingness to learn can help you get to the customers and increase your sales.

  • Get acquainted with the analytics to measure your growth
  • Reach more audience by boosting your visibility
  • Get acquainted with the ad feature of every platform
  • Try Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
  • Design keywords according to a way your customer would search for your product


Scaling your business to a large valuation might require a lot of effort and you seek to have a well established online presence by setting up a well-optimized E-commerce store and reaching a wider audience, but you're too busy and you want an expert level supervision to manage your digital portfolio then Hiring a Digital marketing firm would be the right choice.

  • dm is dedicated
  • they do it with much more efficiency because of their experience
  • save time and worry so that you can focus on growth
  • they have tools and methods that you might have not heard

If you’re at the point where you’re thinking about contacting and working with a digital marketing agency but you’re just not sure if the cost is worth it, we’re glad you’re here. It’s not an easy decision to spend a portion of your budget on an agency – we get that!\n It’s a great idea to look at the benefits of hiring an agency versus the cost to help you make your decision. Talk to us. perhaps we could take care of a marketing problem you dislike doing.

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