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2021, September 09

Why are we building a Salon Booking App?

Self perception of an individual has hit a new low because of the Covid pandemic We're unable to keep in touch with our loved ones. Our grooming and lifestyle has changed very much. People have been feeling depressed lately due to the confinement lockdown has put them in. We're looking for a new kick start to get back to the grind and have a healthy social life. And what more is a great way to start off with a fresh look and a bold appearance telling the world you're ready to kick some ass again?

There are countless studies and articles which proves self care has a positive impact on your mental health and an over all healthy lifestyle.

We'll link our favorite article here/ and it all starts with personal grooming. But you might say "we can't visit a salon because of the restrictions imposed" or you might just be impatient to wait in line for an other three person's job to be done because only a few salons are open for service.

aaand that's where we come in, we are in course of developing a new salon appointment booking app where we can make people have hassle free access to salon appointments according to their convenience.


Why this app?

The covid pandemic has made it difficult for people to visit their favorite salon to treat themselves with a fresh haircut or an other personal grooming service. The fear of getting infected with the virus has made us stay away from visiting one. Lack of self care and personal grooming has made people's lifestyle and mental health vulnerable. There are a lot of studies done which proves the correlation between a well groomed appearance and confidence. Nobody would want to take a step back in being confident to ace success and being at their best. So we've got you covered with our salon booking app.



To solve the problem at hand, we are using a user-centered approach called the 'Design thinking process'. The design process comprises five phases: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.


During the empathize phase, the goal is to understand users’ needs and how users think and feel. This involves conducting surveys and interviews that help us plot the challenges faced by our users.


In the define phase, based on our research findings, we frame a problem statement along with a description of the user’s needs that our designs will address. During this phase, the necessity of this app is carefully analyzed.


The goal of ideation is to come up with as many design solutions as possible.


During this phase, a prototype is created. A prototype is an early model of a product that demonstrates its functionality.


During the test phase, users provide feedback about our designs, before the product is built by engineers and launched to the public. Based on the feedback received, design iterations would be performed to improve our designs.

Our Progress

We are currently implementing phase 1 of the research. For collecting both quantitative and qualitative data, we are carrying out few USER RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES like:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Online user surveys

Wanna be a part of the solution?

Here we have attached the form of the questionnaire and we would love to get your inputs to make it great.



Feel free to drop in your suggestions and queries in the same.


With the consolidated data, our UI/UX developers will develop the app promising a user-friendly and easy way to make salon booking more hassle-free and accessible.

The app would also help in promoting social distancing thereby contributing to the revival of our community health. now you don't have to wait in line for soo much time to get your salon service.

Do you think this is a small solution to the increased covid cases? Tell us!

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